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Munir (MMJ Foundation Director) Meets Dhaka Volunteers and Scholarship Recipients

A comparatively short and compact program was arranged by our volunteers in Dhaka, Bangladesh to meet and greet Dr. Md Munirul Haque (Sunny), one of our Directors of the 2017 MMJ Foundation Committee who is visiting Bangladesh during Jan-Feb, 2017 with his family. University (and a few college) students receiving our monthly one-to-one stipends were invited to meet this inspiring person, who is highly involved with charity and humanitarian works in different groups for years. Dr. Haque gave a nice view on the ideology, target and expectation from students. He stated some clauses like yearly reviewing of student's result, and what they mustn't do (e.g., student politics or dishonesty in daily activities, etc.). Another point for them he stated that how the students are selected and what responsibilities they have to their family, society. Dr. Haque inspired both the students and volunteers from his own life events and experiences, and gave some tips on how to try to be successful. His words were really inspiring and directional. He also discussed with volunteers about future plan and expectation of the foundation, including the method we work with volunteers.

Then Dr. Haque disbursed monthly scholarships among 16 students, who are residing around the Dhaka city, joined to have snacks and tea together. It is our second formal meeting that brings in committee member, active volunteers and the students together at one place. "Indeed it was a good day to all of us having such great mind among us", as Shafi stated in his report to Chandra Nath, the Founding President of the foundation.

Volunteers who meet Munir: 1) Md. Sajadur Rahman, 2) Mohammad Abdullahil Shafi, 3) Ehsanur Rahman, 4) Hasanul Islam

Munir at BUET campus with volunteers and scholarship recipients in Dhaka
Munir with volunteers at BUET campus in Dhaka

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