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Do Help and Bring A Big Change


‘Manush Manshuer Jonyo (MMJ) Foundation’ – a United States-based nonprofit (501(c)3) and non-political public charitable organization – is founded to extend a helping hand and moral supports to underprivileged/deprived students and students, primarily in Bangladesh. 


Our mission is to stand up before deprived people and school/college students in their bad times, and help them to be self-dependent so that they can live in the society with self-dignity. We truly believe that only a few of them even could make big impacts in changing this world. We just like to extend our hands with financial help whatever the amount is. Please join us to help uncovering these possibilities for a better future.  


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The MMJ Foundation is collecting donations to conduct two types of program to support Bangladeshi people:


           1) Education Scholarship (Monthly or One-to-One) 
                    (Facebook post on this program is here)


           2) Donation for Victims


Please follow our Facebook Group and Facebook Page for details

Who are we? 

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