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ABOUT "Manush Manusher Jonyo"

‘Manush Manshuer Jonyo (MMJ)’ – a United States-based nonprofit and non-political public charitable foundation. The name ‘Manush Manusher Jonyo’ means ‘people for people’. The MMJ Charity Foundation, founded by Chandra Nath and managed by an international volunteer committee, collects monetary donations from Bangladeshi-origin people living across the world, and allocates these donations to helping unprivileged and poor people and students through some categorized projects such as education stipends, winter clothing drives, financially support for bodily-injured victims, etc. In both regular and emergency basis, the foundation calls for several donation drives throughout year for these projects.



Bangladesh emerged as an independent and sovereign country in 1971 following a nine month war of liberation. It is one of the highly populated countries of the world (near 180 million). Over about 98% of the people speak in Bangla. English however is widely spoken. Bangladesh has an agrarian economy. 


Being an active partner, Bangladesh plays vital role in regional & international forums, particularly in the UN, Commonwealth & South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation.


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