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Education Aid (শিক্ষা সহায়তা)

You can donate money to support education of poor and unpriviledged school and college students by contributing to scholarship programs in different categories. Please read more to know about this program.


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Medical Aid (চিকিৎসা সহায়তা)

You can donate money to support a specific victim or a group of victims suffering from unfortunate incidents. We also support life-threatening medical treatment for poor people. 


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Natural Disasters (দুর্যোগ)

People in Bangladesh often suffer from cold during the winter season. Sometime people even die due to that. We would like to stand before these deprived people in their such bad times.

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Porshee and Badhon are our volunteer partner for supporting activities in Bangaldesh. We really appreciate their contributions to drive our projects successfully in Bangladesh.

Help the Victims

You can also donate money without specifying any specific category. 100% of your donation will be used to suppor only poor students and people in Bangladesh.



We are looking for corporate support. Please let us know if you are intersted. You can find our information here.

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