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Donate To Victims.


"Manush Manusher Jonyo Foundation" is constantly looking for help to support poor and unpriviledged people. We focus to help poor people who are victim of different accidents (e.g., crash victim, burn victim) or require medical support to treat life-threatening diseases or suffereing from cold bites. 

Fund Transfer Method To The Victim(s):

Two forms are required to fill in by the victim(s) or by an assignee during the fund collection. Two witnesses are required on the side for victim. Also, a minimum of two MMJF volunteers will be present during the transfer. All people need to sign the forms at the end. The forms can be downloaded from the following links:
1) Financial Aid Transfer Form, 2) Financial Fund Transfer Agreement Form.


1. Help Accident Victims


We always try to support poor and unfortunate accident victims, specially if they are not supported by any other organization. Supporting "burn victim Munia" was our first project in that category. Details are available in our Project section. 

2. Support Life-Threating Treatment


Since out ultimate goal is to help people, we always try to stand for poor people who need medical assistant. Under this category, we aim to support by bearing the full or partial medical cost for the treatment of life-threatening diseases for the people who don't have money to support themselves.

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