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University Admission Aid Program (2): 2015-16

The second program of the University Admission Aid Program 2015-16 was accomplished with the 'Education for All' - a program of Ghuddi Foundation, Bangladesh. Twelve (12) selected underprivileged and talented stduents, who secured their positions in top universities despite of many struggles in their life, received a total of 120,000 BDT. with each 10,000 BDT.

1) The list of the proud awardees' and associated universitity names where they got admitted:

Md. Amanot Khan - Journalism, Jagannath University, Dhaka Mst. Piasi Afrin - International Relations, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka

Abul Bashar - EEE, Kuet, Khulna

Md. Ashraful Islam - Textile Engineering

Masrufa Jannat - Psychology, DU

Md. Firoj Hossain - Jagannath University/Maolana Vasani Sci and Tech

Muslima Akter Juthi - Khulna University/Jagannath University

Jiten Roy - Rajshahi University

Hridoy Kumar Saha - Pharmacy, DU

Rana Ahmed - Leather Product Engineering, DU

Shyamol Chndra Sutradhar - Management, DU

Md. Abu Sayed Islam - Journalism, DU

2) The program description of scholarship distribution at the Bidyanondo Foundation is as follows (in Bengali) Date: January 02, 2016

Location: B/14 Zkir Hossain Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207

Attendees from the Manush Manusher Jonyo Foundation:

- Tanveer Ehsanur Rahman (CEO, Novo Group) - Sajadur Rahman Saju (Student, Civil Engineering, BUET, Dhaka) Attendee and host from the Ghuddi Foundation

- Enayet Husain Rajib (Co-founder)

[Courtesy: MMJF donors/sponsors]

Program detail in Facebook Group:

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