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Post-Flood Rehabilitation Aid 2017 - 1: Sariakandi, Bogra (1.5 Lac Taka)

MMJ Foundation helps flood affected people in northern districts with rehabilitation aid. As many people lost their very last belonging such as home, we wanted to have them some shelters or help with something else so that they can stand up again. The first distribution is described as follows: Total distribution: 1,49,650 BD Tk (approx. 1870 USD) Date: September 22, 2017

Location: Sariakandi, Bogra Distributed item: Corrugated Roof Panel (Dheu Tin)

Tin size: 16 mm Total families covered: 62 (with 1 full pack 'ban') Volunteer coordinator (field): S. M. Fahim Ahmed (a student of Rajshahi University)

[The costs include the roof panel of 1,45,700 BD Tk and the rest 3,950 BD Tk is consumed on travel (1500 Tk), pickup renting (1400 Tk) from Bogra to Sariakhandi, labor (250 Tk), and a little bit snacks for volunteers (800 Tk) ]

Post-Flood Rehabilitation Aid with corrugated roof panel

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