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MMJF Donates 200k BDT for Girls' College Education

We are immensely pleased to share an exciting news on foundation activities. On Oct 27, 2016, our volunteers Md. Abdullahil Shafi (BUET), Hasanul Islam (BUET), Montasir Dipto (KUET) visit the Comrade Ratan Sen Collegiate Girls' School located at Domra, Rupsha, Khulna to transfer a donation of 2,00,000 Bangladeshi Taka (2,591 USD) in order to help its infrastructure development on college extension. Our team was also invited by the school Chairman S. M. Liaquat Hossain to experience its education history and system, growth and success, present condition, and future plan. Since its foundation date, Manush Manusher Jonyo Foundation (MMJF) wanted to work on sustainable programs that could help underprivileged and meritorious students so that they can hold their dreams, their family dreams. We also wish to focus to work for girls, especially in rural area like Rupsha in Khulna where girls get married in their teenage with no or only school level education. To break this hurdle, we wanted toleverage continuous efforts by Ratan Sen Girls' School by extending it to the college level so that these girls one day can make a big change for the society and become a great example for the region, country and world. We thank Zulfiqur Hossain Bakul bhai, founding partner of the school and founder of New York based foundation, Inspiration Bangladesh to introduce us this school. It was a big opportunity for us to put in effort and contribute to development of rural girl students. MMJF appreciates and thanks its donors as they come forward to make a big change. Program detail:

Program type: Education aid (infrastructure development)

Project: Comrade Ratan Sen Collegiate Girls' School (College Extension) Where do they use?: Deposit to School/College as per Govt. requirement (total fund needed 9,00,000 BDT)

Transfer amount: 2,00,032.50 BDT (2591 USD)

Transfer date: Oct 27, 2016 Recipient: S. M. Liaquat Hossain (Founder and Chairman of the School)

Some bullet points to be noted (reported by volunteer Md. Abdullahil Shafi):

  1. Students and school stuff

  • Class: class 6 to SSC

  • Total student admitted: 270

  • Dropped out: around 25~30

  • Teaching stuff: 15

  • 1 person in role of cook, gardener and night guard

  • 1 in role computer operator + clerk

  • 1 female attendant

2. Accommodation:

  • 1 building : office, teacher’s room, science lab

  • 1 Multimedia classroom

  • 1 greenhouse as classroom

  • A large incomplete two-storied building (donation) as classroom

  • One canteen

  • One teacher’s dormitory

  • 1 pond: fishes from it are given at lunch

  • 2 paddy field

  • 1 vegetable field

  • 1 playground

  • One area proposed for teacher’s quarter

  • Total area of 3 acres and 44 decimal.

3. Facilities student gets:

  • Free education

  • Free lunch ( 5 days in week)

  • Free books ( by government)

  • Free exercise books and pen

  • Free medical treatment ( doctors are well wishers of the school)

  • Coaching care for students who don’t have care in home at cost of 100 taka ( class six) and 200 taka (class seven, eight, nine)

4. Some other points to be noted:

  • School takes initiative against early marriage

  • School started with 33 students in class six

  • Some national achievements

  • Most of the guardians are day-labourers

  • Some students come only to have a good( respective to their family condition) lunch

  • Teacher are recruited after a short testing teaching period

5. Result:

  • 1st SSC batch: Passed 26 out of 26, didn’t continue to college: 04

  • 2nd SSC batch: Passed 39 out of 39, didn’t continue to college: 05/06

  • JSC 100% passed in all 5 batches till now, 90% of them continued upto SSC

6. Future plans:

  • Opening college section

  • Complete accommodation facility

7. The school authority gave us a file containing donors list, school committee member list, advisor committee list, permit order of education board.

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