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MMJ Foundation Distributed Relief to over 50 Families in Habiganj

Flood Relief in Haor Region, 2017-4: Habiganj

Spot and date: Habiganj (on May 12, 2017) Total expenses: 53,300 BD Taka (approx. 665 US Dollars) Total families covered: 52 [26 small (5 including child or less) and 26 big (4 adults or more)] Relief items:Rice, Dal, Potato, Dry foods, Cooking oil, Salt, Mosquito Coils, Saline, Gas lighter and 200 BD Taka cash. (Amount varies as small and big families, e.g., rice 5 kg in small packets, but 10 kg in big ones)

Local spot volunteers: Two students from RUET, One journalist and 6-7 local people Coordination in BD: Mohammad Abdullahil Shafi (BD Volunteer)

Coordination from USA: Md. Haque (Director, MMJ)

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