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MMJF Transferred 25k BDT to Hult Prize Participants

Amount Transferred: 25,000 BD Taka

Recipients: Saraf A Disha (URP'13), Bitto Faiyaz (ME'13), Diptha Saha (IPE'13) and Sanjib Surjo (ME'13) - All are BUET undergraduate students

MMJF Volunteer: Md. Sajadur Rahman

Date of transfer: Jan 18, 2017

Project: Hult Prize Asia Regional Competition Fund 2017

Program: Education MMJF collection: 22,500 Taka and MMJF match amount: 2,500 Tk

About the Hult Prize Competition: “HULT PRIZE” – an international competition organized by Clinton Foundation where participants from all corners of the world share their ideas of social business. Like past years, the first round competition was held in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), where 180 teams participated and Team Sanctum from BUET won championship in Bangladesh. The theme of the competition topic is entitled "Refugees - Reawakening Human Potential". The champion team organized by Saraf A Disha (URP'13), Bitto Faiyaz (ME'13), Diptha Saha (IPE'13) and Sanjib Surjo (ME'13) qualifies for the next round Asia Regional Competition that to be held in Shanghai, China in March 2017. As a part of activities towards spreading of education, especially when targeting humanitarian works like refugees's lives in and for the society, MMJ Foundation supports it and collected money from the well wishers for the Bangladesh Team in order to support the competition with monetary help because these undergraduate students voluntarily work for the project. The collected money will be used for their travel fee to Shanghai. We wish them all the success in their next Asia Regional Competition.

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